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confused - that look in your eyes, makes me crazy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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confused [Aug. 14th, 2005|03:18 pm]
write your <heart3 out
[mood |confusedi dk...]

so i'm at Ayme's again... (:
this is the only time i can really write in this thing
... since my computer is BROKEN :(

went to the mall today... i bought a dress for school [:
.. it's cool
[[&& that rhymes]]

got about one more day till school starts
... GHEY.

agh, honestly i don't know to do right now....
there is just so much that is going on right now i don't know what to think...
i'm trying to keep my mind off all these problems & it's hard...
especially when i'm sober [[i quit drugs for good]]
... it just brings too much drama & problems to me & everyone around me
i'm done with it.
... and i know a lot of people are gonna doubt me,
but whatever... fuck you... you don't know me

aghhh... so lost, i dk how to help anyone out....
i try.. & it makes things worse.
people keep telling me their opinions & what to do...
[[ i don't mind it... it helps]]
... but ahhh i dont know what im talking about right now.

i'll update later...

i love you more than anything in this world